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IA & Cyber Security

What makes DCCA-provided Information Assurance support of benefit for a Federal customer?

DCCA’s Information Assurance and Cyber Security support enables our customers to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the data used in and managed by their businesses. Our effective IA solutions provide government agencies with “peace of mind” regarding their data assets, whether those data are at rest or in motion. We deliver mechanisms to authenticate users, to verify the integrity of the data and to prevent denial of service. Our goal is to help ensure full and appropriate availability of the data to the government enterprise.

What processes and tools does DCCA leverage in providing Information Assurance to our customers?

DCCA works in close partnership with our federal customers to ensure that our Information Assurance and Cyber Security solutions are compatible with the government’s existing product suite. Importantly, we assist our customers to leverage the Defense in Depth best practice that balances people, technology, and operations. This practical layering strategy provides both the opportunity to more securely protect information and the ability to detect potential threats before they gain access to protected information.