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Systems Modernization

What makes DCCA-provided Systems Modernization support successful for a Federal customer?

DCCA’s goal is to provide Systems Modernization solutions that enable our customers to realize efficiencies and effectiveness in their business and to leverage the commercial technologies that are available to lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our effective Systems Modernization solutions incorporate an architecture that permits additional COTS products to be incorporated over time. Realizing savings while delivering an enhanced level of service and information security is a key measure of success.

What processes and tools does DCCA leverage in providing Systems Modernization to our customers?

DCCA uses SOA or ESB as the framework for our Systems Modernization solutions, coupled with the twin features of a multi-tiered architecture and layered information security. However, DCCA is aware of the operational environments of our customers. We strive to work within these environments, recommending additional products (COTS) only when required to solve a business need. DCCA uses both JEE and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in implementing SOA.