What We Do

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Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V)

DCCA professionals are knowledgeable advocates who work on your behalf to ensure your system’s quality, security and performance.

Software Development & Systems Engineering

Our IV&V services include the review, analysis, evaluation, inspection, and on-going testing of processes and software products.

Our testing often includes the hardware, software, applications, and documentation to ensure that the software product is being developed in accordance with your requirements, goals, and intended outcomes.

Our impartial, flexible, and managed IV&V testing solutions save you both time and money.

By identifying potential problems in releases prior to their promotion into production, our IV&V testing can better enable you to deliver your projects on time and within budget.  But, IV&V testing doesn't stop there—DCCA also performs on-going smoke testing to validate and confirm that system changes function as expected and do not destabilize production.
As a successful service provider to the Federal Government, DCCA understands the operational environments of our customers. We regularly engage in testing as an integral part of system development and operations and maintenance efforts, as well as in specific testing contracts on behalf of our customers. 
Our approach is based on understanding your individual and specific needs and then determining the best testing approach to satisfy and address those needs. DCCA professionals are trained in various testing methodologies and technologies and work closely with our customers, preferably in a series of face-to-face meetings, to clearly understand the system and the testing requirements in order to deliver results. 

Select IV&V Past Performance

  • DCCA provided IV&V type services for ongoing test site(s) and technical support services to test functionality of the various systems for a federal health agency. DCCA performed Integrated System Testing (IST) for all releases to the FISS, MCS (including Railroad Retirement Board RRB), VMS, and CWF to emulate all functionality of claims processing environments.