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Software Development & Systems Engineering

DCCA designs and develops systems—often leveraging big data—to deliver actionable intelligence.

Software Development & Systems Engineering

We specialize in building customized toolkits and secure collaboration environments and are experts in working with big data to ingest, meta-tag and rapidly fuse data to provide enhanced data analytics and intelligence in support of programs of national interest.

Our approach is to understand our customers’ business needs to create forward-thinking solutions.

DCCA uses a spectrum of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies and techniques for product development.  Methods and models employed include Agile and Agile variants; Spiral; Waterfall; Incremental; Rapid Prototyping; and, the US Digital Services Playbook.  We are adept at incorporating human-centered design approaches and systems security engineering throughout the life cycle to produce a high quality, intuitive user experience and secure system.

DCCA provides enterprise and system architecture design and development services.  We have designed Service Oriented Architectures, some that have included an enterprise service bus (ESB), for both defense and civilian agencies.  We have also delivered defense architectures using the DODAF views. 

We specialize in engineering data environments to accept data sources from legacy and newly operational systems. Our methods, acknowledged as the “gold standard” by the Federal Government, permit a single federated query to deliver all relevant data/information to our customers removing the need for manual data manipulation.

Select Software Development & Systems Engineering Past Performance

  • DCCA supported the Intelligence Community with access to highly qualified industry experts from varying technology disciplines to research challenging network and security problems. These disciplines included, but were not limited to leading edge capabilities for internetworking, wireless, and telephony systems. The research support included concept exploration as well as design, development, and testing of solutions, capabilities, and vulnerabilities.
  • We recently developed and supported a health IT JAVA-based application O&M contract, successfully converted to JAVA platform from legacy, aligned with agency Enterprise Data Model and Integrated Data Repository (IDR), leveraged agile development including early insight into the user interface and quicker implementation of high priorities, and DB2 database.
  • DCCA provided ongoing operations, maintenance, development, enhancements, modifications, testing and support for a federal Health IT program. This system provided a secure, web-based data input system and database for manufacturers to report data about their product and price information. DCCA provided O&M support for the ASP application and new system development activities for the system. The CLFS application used the Agile Scrum methodology for new development work.