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Agile Software Development & Product Management

DCCA uses Agile to balance efficiency and innovation during software development.

Software Development & Systems Engineering

Through human-centered design and value-driven product delivery, DCCA applies Agile software development principals to create products that solve immediate business problems and provide optimum user experiences.

Our approach is to understand our customers’ business needs to create forward-thinking solutions.

DCCA uses a spectrum of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies and techniques for product development. Methods and models include Agile and Agile variants; Spiral; Waterfall; Incremental; Rapid Prototyping; and the US Digital Services Playbook. We leverage experience with Human-centered Design, DevSecOps, and various forms of Agile such as Scrum, SAFe, and Kanban. 

DCCA’s product management applies a collaborative Agile development methodology to ensure end products are developed consistent with the needs of the product owner and system users. Our aim is to unite product development and business through iterations and constant measurement. With frequently changing requirements, Agile Scrum effectively allows Product Owners to view frequent mockups and demonstrations to gain an understanding of the progress and how the product evolves through each iteration.

Select Agile Software Development & Product Management Past Performance

  • Using human centered design principles, DCCA employed an Agile SAFe delivery methodology on MACFin. The work was defined based on user research organized into a backlog of work characterized as epics, features, and user stories. The backlog was reviewed and organized to be developed in two-week cycles, or sprints.
  • We frequently apply Agile methodology for software maintenance to allocate the breakdown of tasks related to specific Change Requests, Internally Generated changes, and Problem Reports. This provides an advantage of identifying and reducing bottlenecks in the development and maintenance process and balancing the flow of work. 
  • DCCA utilized an Agile Kanban approach for operations and maintenance (O&M) on the APPS program. We maintained a separate O&M product backlog and scheduled changes into releases allowing us the flexibility to release either on a schedule or on an ad hoc basis.